Christoph Kotze, also known as Appel, is one of South Africa’s most prolific contemporary Afrikaans song writers. He has written hit songs for artists including Theuns Jordaan, Karlien Van Jaarsveld, EDEN, Bok Van Blerk, Laurika Rauch and Dewald Wasserfall. His compositions have won multiple awards, including the esteemed Ghoema Song of the Year Award for EDEN’s Superhero. He wrote and performed the theme song to the featured film Somer Son, entitled Somer Son, that climbed the charts of several radio stations around the country. When asked about his music, Appel says that his passion for music stated at a very young age. His mom played guitar while he was still in the womb, and he grew up in a music filled household. He started playing guitar in high school, which is when his music career started.

Appel is a songwriter in residence at Inhoud Huis, and at the same time, working on his debut solo album. He has opened for artists including Theuns Jordaan, Nianell and Koos Kombuis, and toured with Jan Blohm. He has performed at major festivals including Aardklop, Rittelfees and Innibos. His music style is adult contemporary folk pop. Appel performs soul captivating, emotionally driven songs, with rhythms very close to the heart. He delivers a very rewarding live performance.

SONGS he is known for writing: 1. Sal jy bly – Theuns Jordaan 2. Hande – Karlien van Jaarsveld 3. Superhero – Eden 4. Koue voete Warm liefde – Bok van Blerk 5. Wals wals Willemien – Laurika Rauch 6. Naweeklyf – Leanie May 7. Dis hoe ons rol – Jay 8. Ampie – Klaradyn 9. Dirty Dancing – Eden 10. Land van Melk en Heuning – Bok van Blerk 11. Coleske – 7e hemel

Artist who he has written for: • Laurika Rauch • Steve Hofmeyr • Theuns Jordaan • Eden • Karlien van Jaarsveld • Bobby van Jaarsveld • Leah • Jay • Leanie • Bok van Blerk • Arno Jordaan • Robbie Wessels • Coleske • Dewald Wasserfal

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